the 30th NIR forum!!
at 2014.11.26 Wednesday

We took part in the 30th NIR forum.

It was held 26th-28th.Nov,2014 in Tsukuba, Japan.

4 master students had poster presentations.

We had a Lab trip to Awaji!!
at 2014.09.02 Tuesday

Lab members went to Awaji from 2nd to 3rd September, 2014.

Professor Tsenkova and 2 master students had presentations at Awaji Agricultural Technical Center, and  deepened the relations.

The Society of Agricultural Structures Conference, 2014
at 2014.08.27 Wednesday

The Society of Agricultural Structures Conference, Japan was held from 27th to 29th August, 2014.

Master 2nd student had a oral presentation.

The 17th International Diffuse Reflectance Conference
at 2014.08.02 Saturday

We took part in the 17th International Diffuse Reflectance Conference.

It was held 2nd-8th.Aug,2014 in Chambersburg, United States of America.

The Researcher had a poster presentation and oral presentation, Master 2nd students had poster presentations.

The 73rd Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers Conference
at 2014.04.16 Wednesday

We took part in The 73rd Japanese Society of agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers Conference.

It was held 16th - 19th.May,2014 at Ryukyu University in Okinawa.

The Graduation Ceremony of Kobe university
at 2014.03.20 Thursday

A master student and 2 undergraduate students graduated in this year.

The 72nd JSAM Annual conference
at 2013.09.10 Tuesday

The annual conference of Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and food engineers, JSAM was held in Obihiro University from September 10th to 13th, 2013. Prof. Tsenkova gave an speach and an master student, Takeuchi, also had poster presentation. He says "

Discussing with researchers from various fields was valuable experience. It was fun having contact with many students and researchers during the conference.". It seemed the conference had good influence on his research.

at 2013.08.25 Sunday

The Seventh International Conference on Advanced Vibrational Spectroscopy was held from 25th to 30th August, 2013.

Professor Tsenkova took part in ti as an executive, and students also helped to manage the conference. Prof. Tsenkova gave a speach as an invited speaker, and students had poster presentations.

"This was the first time to attend an international conference, so I was extremely impressed in a lot of situations. Especially, because it was the biggest conference of vibrational spectroscopy, I noticed that I need to study what I usually don't use for my research. For example, Raman or IR etc.. Moreover, I felt that it is important not to study only in my lab, but also in outside and communicate various people who are in different environment or field of study to broaden my outlook. On the other hand, I learned a lot about how to make a impressive presentation and talk which can add value to my research and it was good opportunity to improve my English skill as well. I strongly want to attend the international and domestic conferences positively, to be stimulated and to introduce attraction of my research."(G. Takemura, M1 student)

"This was my first time to attend international conference. I felt a little nervous because ICAVS is one of the world's biggest conference of vibrational spectroscopy but I enjoyed discussion with people from various countries and fields."(H. Koshiba, M1 student)

New Commers!!
at 2013.07.02 Tuesday

We've had 3 foreign researchers in these days, 2 Hungarian researchers and an Bulgarian.

We hope that they enjoy their research and new Japanese life, and achieve great work in our laboratory!!

NIR 2013 and NIR Forum 2013
at 2013.06.12 Wednesday

We took part in the NIR Forum 2013, which held in Okinawa prefecture and NIR 2013 which held in Montpellier, France. In NIR 2013,  Prof. Tsenkova acted as the chair of a session and AQUAPHOTOMICS  was featured on a large scale in NIR 2013!

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