Welcome to NIRS laboratory!
"The 3rd Aquaphotomics International Symposium
Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature"

will take place in Awaji, Japan on December 2-6, 2018.

Exploring biological world with invisible light
This section is working on various applications and new developments in the area of near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as non - destructive technology for monitoring and diagnosis of biological objects. Qualitative and quantitative analysis applied in biological- and food-related research and technology, as well as understanding new phenomena related to water in biology are the main area of interest.
Near infrared is the range of electromagnetic spectrum between the visible and infrared light. It is only slightly absorbed by water, unlike visible light that is almost entirely reflected or infrared that is readily absorbed by it. This particular feature provides a unique tool to explore water-rich substances like biological objects. One technical difficulty in interpreting results is the fact that NIR range exhibits broad absorbance bands representing several absorbance peaks. In order to reveal the specific information contained in those broad peaks, the spectral data is submitted to multivariate analysis. Thus the use of NIRS has been strongly linked to the evolution of methods in multivariate analysis, chemometrics. In fact, the development of new chemometrics methods for even more precise NIR spectral information extraction is a significant part of what makes NIRS the diagnostic tool our laboratory is working on developing.
NIRS has been successfully applied for in-vivo diagnosis of mammary gland inflammation in dairy cows followed by identification of the bacterial pathogens. Oxidative stress, prion disease in rats and mosaic virus in soybean plants are other successful examples of non-invasive diagnosis based on in vivo tissue spectra acquisition and analysis. Various molecular level studies have been related to food functionality and on-line monitoring of a fermentation process proved to be a good tool for a feedback on food production line. Recently, a new scientific area, Aquaphotomics, has been proposed by our laboratory. The aim is to describe and understand biological systems through the multidimensionality of water - light interaction expressed as a spectral pattern.
Our laboratory puts emphasizes on internationalization and focused on practice education. We conduct seminars on both Japanese and English, go to international conferences to present research and often visit farms, do joint research projects with farms and companies. It is an interdisciplinary environment with students and researchers coming from different backgrounds, with often visits from foreign professors and company research institutions. Here each student develops his/her own research project and is encouraged to exchange knowledge and ideas between team members. We welcome everyone who wants to explore biological world through the prism of Near Infrared technology!

・2017.9.15 We have a new reseracher! Welcome Dr. Jelena Muncan joining our lab!
・2017.7-8 We have a new reseracher! Welcome Dr. Everine van de Kraats joining our lab for the summer!
・2017.6.11-15 ICNIRS 2017 was held in Copenhagen Denmark, and Prof.Tsenkova and Mr.Nakagawa(M1) presented their research.
・2017.3.15 Mr.Nakagawa did his bachelor's thesis presentation at the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers regular Conference.
・2017.2.15 Ms.Furukawa did her master thesis presentation.
・2016.11.30-12.3 Ms.Furukawa did the poster presentation at The 5th Asian NIR Symposium and the 32nd Japanese NIR Forum.
・2016.11.26-29 We organized the 2nd International symposium AQUAPHOTOMICS: UNDERSTANDING WATER in the BIOLOGICAL WORLD at Kobe University and Prof.Tsenkova and Mr.Nakagawa(M1)presented their research. Mr.Nakagawa received the young award.
・2016.10.6-9 Prof.Tsenkova presented at Water Conference 2016 in Sofia
・2016.10.4 Prof.Tsenkova presented at Academy of Sciences in Bulgaria
・2016.3.11 We held a mini international symposium
  "Aquaphotomics:Water Spectriscopy and Quantum Electrodynamics in Biology" at Kobe University
  and two great researchers did their presentations.
  Prof.Zoltan Kovacs: Discovering the rules of water in biology using Aquaphotomics
  Paolo Renati: Quantum Electro-Dynamics in water,aqueous systems and living matter
・2016.3.2 Mr.Goto did his bachelor's thesis presentation
at the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers regular Conference.
・2016.2.27 We've had a new researcher! Dr.Paolo Renati
  (Materials Scientist & Engineer, Center for ININ Holographic Evolving , Lugano Switzerland)
・2016.2.14 The following article was published in the NIR news(vol.27 No.1,January 2016). 
  Prof.Tsenkova: Aquaphotomics tenth anniversary
・2016.2.12 Ms.Osawa and Ms.Itakura did their master thesis presentations.
・2016.2.11 We've had a new researcher! Prof.Anthony J.Bell
  (Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience,University of Berkeley,CA,USA)
・2015.11.25-27 Ms.Itakura(M2) presented her research at the 31st NIR Forum in Tsukuba,Japan.
・2015.9.17 Ms.Osawa(M2,oral session) and Ms.Itakura(M2,poster session) presented their research
at The Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers Conference.
・We took part in the 30th NIR forum!!
・We had a Lab trip to Awaji!!
・We took part in the Society of Agricultural Structure Conference,2014 !!
・We took part in the 17th International Diffuse Reflectance Conference!!
・Mr.Sugihara gave us a lecture about "activated water"!!
・We took part in the 73rd Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers Conference!!
・We had the Graduation Ceremony of Kobe university!!
・The 72nd annual conference of JSAM
・ICAVS7 was held in Kobe from 25th to 30th August, 2013!!

・We've had the 3 new researchers!!
・We took part in the 28th NIR Forum and NIR 2013!!
・We had a Home Party in the end of 2013!!