Research projects
Our laboratory is carrying out studies on componential analysis, function analysis and health diagnosis of biological bodies using NIRS and chemometrics. Biological molecules, cells, bacteria, plants, animals relating to the term "Farm to Table", are subjects of our studies. Following projects are currently in progress:

Current research projects

• Online milk quality and health status analysis system
• Health status monitoring (cow, human)
• Ovulation detection (cow, panda)
• Plant mosaic virus diagnosis

Bacteria detection
• NIRS method for quick and easy bacterial detection
• Bacterial count through NIRS
• Bacterial species/strain determination

Environmental water contamination
• Detection of heavy metal contamination

Past research projects
• Identification and quantitative analysis of etiological bacteria causing mastitis
• Diagnosis of cow's health and nutrition status
• Diagnosis of rat's oxidative stress
• In-vivo diagnosis of prion disease
• Monitoring of fermentation process in yogurt
• Qualitative analysis of potable water
• Polystyrene nanoparticles size determination
• Noninvasive monitoring of silkworm pupa development
• Plant ageing