If you want to learn aquaphotomics directly at the place of its initial development, come and join us at the Aquaphotomics Research Department.

If you are curious, passionate about science, if you are motivated to work hard and improve your research, experimental and analytical skills, you will feel at home here.

We can welcome researchers at all stages of their careers and offer hands-on experience from the first day at our Lab. We are providing theoretical foundation and practical aquaphotomics research work experience in 2 world-class laboratories, access to enormous database of near infrared spectral data (~80,000 spectra), interesting and thought-provoking discussions and workshops, friendly and relaxing international atmosphere.

Our researchers come from a variety of backgrounds: agriculture, biology, medicine, mathematics, food engineering, biomedical engineering, and many others. Previous experience in the work with near infrared spectroscopy is not required, the curiosity and desire to learn about water is all you need. Japanese language is also not mandatory if you have enough English skills.

We strongly encourage interested students and researchers to contact us and discuss the possibilities to work and study with us here. If you are currently looking for a PhD or postdoctoral position, or you are just interested in initiating research in Japan competitive funding is available for various duration times. For more information on the range of programs and their requirements, consider the following resources:

JSPS - Major funding agency supporting foreign researchers:

MEXT - Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology:

The application procedure is quite simple, and we will provide you all the support during the process. But make sure to contact us well in advance of the deadlines. If you can secure the funds by yourself or find the financial support elsewhere, all the better. You will certainly be welcome ☺