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Aquaphotomics Research Field was established at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University in 2021 to provide educational and research activities in Aquaphotomics. Our goal is to promote and deepen the investigation of the structure and functionality of water in water-based and biological systems, and serve as a platform for development and launching of new technological solutions based on the aquaphotomics technology in diverse fields of application.

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Aquaphotomics in Simple Words

Aquaphotomics is a new “omics” discipline introduced by Professor Roumiana Tsenkova at the Laboratory of Bio Measurement Technology at Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University, Japan. The main object of this new field is to understand the role of the water molecular system in biological and aqueous systems by monitoring the water electromagnetic (EM) spectrum of those systems under various perturbations.



Aquaphotomics Session at the 21st International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy NIR 2023

The world’s leading biannual conference on near-infrared spectroscopy was held for the first time this year in Austria, in the beautiful town of Innsbruck, with the motto ‘Good (...)

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First Anniversary of the Aquaphotomics Research Field at Kobe University

Spring has come, and warm sunshine is illuminating the cherry blossoms in full bloom. One year has passed since the establishment of the Aquaphotomics Field, Graduate School of (...)

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Special Issue: “Aquaphotomics – Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature” (Deadline extended)

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Tsenkova and Prof. Muncan are guest editing special issue “Aquaphotomics – Exploring Water Molecular Systems in Nature” in the open access journal (...)

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Aquaphotomics Methodology


How is Aquaphotomics defined?


Water Matrix Coordinates


“Aquaphotomics for Bio-diagnostics in Dairy – Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy” is now published!

It is our great delight to share the news that our book "Aquaphotomics for Bio-diagnostics in Dairy – Applications of Near Infrared Spectroscopy" has now been published and is available on: Springer Nature / Barnes & Noble / Google Books.

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# Shinji KAWAKURA Project Associate Professor
# Nikolai IORDANOV Academic Researcher
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# Yoko OSAFUNE Collaborative Researcher
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