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Associate Professor TERUO OHSAWA

Associate Professor TERUO OHSAWAAssoc. Prof. Ohsawa has engaged in analysis and numerical simulation of local weather and oceanic phenomena and its applications for engineering. At present, he especially devotes to investigation of sea surface winds, which is necessary in various engineering applications in coastal areas.

Associate Professor MITSURU HAYASHI

Associate Professor MITSURU HAYASHIAssoc. Prof. Hayashi is an oceanographer. Her interests are water and material cycling in semi-enclosed seas and green house effect gases especially N2O. She conducts these researches through making numerical models and in-situ observations in the sea.

Associate Professor KAZUYO YAMAJI

Associate Professor KAZUYO YAMAJIMy research interest is to well understand the atmospheric environment by using numerical simulation technics. With a mesoscale model I am investigating atmospheric pollutants such as photochemical oxidants, aerosols and their precursors affecting human health and ecosystem.